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It is no secret that having a good IQ test score is a major promising indication of a person’s ability to study in school. In fact, one of the studies found that most of the people that did well in school have above-average IQ scores—which is 100.

If you are looking to take a practice intellectual test—That gives you an estimation of how intelligent you are compared to the world, then in this article, you will get to know the 4 best free IQ tests that I personally took.

During my research for the best free IQ tests with instant results, I took a bunch of online IQ challenges. Some online sites were enjoyable, and some were frustrating—due to the platform or the hard navigation. Nevertheless, My scores were between 105 to 140 (on the first try).

ALL of my IQ test scores

Recently, many companies adapted their pre-employment exams to be able to measure the contestants’ cognitive ability. Right now, the skill to quickly solve problems is in high demand more than ever.

Just to keep in mind, IQ tests are just tools to help measure someone’s cognitive ability—but it doesn’t determine your life. Passion, practice, creativity, bravery to pursue something, and wanting to learn is what determine if you are going to succeed or not.


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Here is the list of the 4 best Free IQ Tests on The Internet (Free, no email is required, and instant result):

And these are free IQ tests, but with registration requirements or loaded with ads:

Then, there are the Premium ones with pricing starting at $20, and some might charge more—depending on the package that you choose:

Let’s dive right in, so you can begin testing your intellect.

Just in case you don’t know:

What is The Meaning of IQ? and How an IQ Test looks like?

IQ is an abbreviation of intelligence quotient or in German Intelligenzquotient. A German psychologist from the University of Breslau named William Stern is the first to call this variety of questions “IQ.”

It is a standardized test measuring a person’s problem-solving skills and intelligence.

Previously, in the early years, it was the mental age of a person divided by his chronological age, multiply 100. But now the result will have a deviation of 15 points.

IQ meaning and definitions

This standard measure of an individual’s intellectual level has been taken by certain institutions to the next level.

They divided the test into two segments: the verbal IQ test—which measures verbal intelligence, and the Performance IQ—which measures nonverbal intelligence.

After taking the test, you will receive a result called IQ score. The average person across the globe has an IQ score between 85 and 115, according to a Healthline article—which was reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph.D. (this data was taken from 68%)

IQ Test scale.

As we said before, this test will determine how far are someone’s intelligence level based on psychological tests.

Over the years and tens of experiments, psychologists and researchers have found a way to classify people’s intelligence based on their scores. It is called the Wechsler IQ classification.

IQ RangeIQ Classification
69 and belowExtremely Low
80-89Low average
110-119High Average
130 and upVery Superior
145-159Highly gifted
160-179Exceptionally gifted
180 and upProfoundly gifted
Table: Based on the Current Wechsler (WAIS-IV, WPPSI–IV) IQ classification

Why are IQ Scores important?

Most sources claim that many of the top successful scientists and geniuses have higher IQs than the average person.

Therefore, universities like Harvard, companies like Google, and even organizations like Mensa started to include IQ test questions in their pre-employment exams to hire new people.


For instance, Google hires people based on their cognitive ability. The company has, according to the Los Angeles Times, 86% employees with college degrees and 14% without them—but the only common thing between the two groups is extraordinary problem-solving skills.

Thus, if your goal is to lend a big job offer from a giant tech company, you’ll need to improve and test your cognitive skills.

Best Free IQ tests with instant results and No email required.

Free IQ Assessments OnlineBest FeatureBiggest DownsideOur Rating
BMI Free IQ TESTQuick 6 questionShort and too easy.⭐️4.5/5
Mensa IQ ChallengeMost accurate test with 35 QuestionsRequire speed (you have less than 1min/question.⭐️4.9/5 (Free IQ test)Advanced level of intelligenceOutdated interface⭐️4/5 (Free-IQ Test)An easy test for all AgesEach task ends too quickly⭐️4.2/5
Table of all the Free IQ tests with our rating scores.

IQ test #1: BMI Free IQ TEST (Best for Entertainment Purposes)

best free IQ test site 1 - BMI

BMI IQ Test Overview:

  • Number of Questions: 6 questions.
  • Who is it for? 16 and older.
  • Time required to finish it: 10 minutes.
  • Time to have the result: Instant results.
  • Cost: Free and paid version for $20.
  • Our Rating: ⭐️4.5/5.
  • Go to: BMI IQ free demo Test

Who built it?

The site was built by scientists, experts, and professionals who work in the IQ field (intelligence assessments). The organization claims to be the most accurate test like every IQ challenge tool. belongs to the Brain Metrics initiative (BMI), a collaborative project for high intelligence and personality assessment tools.

Objective view.

It is for entertainment purposes. You can’t expect a result from 6 questions to be a good judgment of your intelligence level.

iq test free version of BMI

However, you can get a nice screenshot of the result that could catch many eyeballs on social media, but not for professional use.

Our Experience.

I took the longer version of the IBM IQ test 2-3 years ago, which they claim to be a reliable test—but it is not free. Luckily, the site has a demo version that consists of 6 questions from the original test.

iq test free version of BMI result

After I took this quick IQ challenge, I scored 118 on this short test as one of the top 14% of people. The thing that I like the most about this tool is the user interface.

IQ test #2: Mensa IQ Challenge (The Most reliable and Accurate Free Test)

best free IQ test site 2 - MENSA

Mensa IQ Challenge Test Overview:

  • Number of Questions: 35.
  • Who is it for? 16 and Older.
  • Time required to finish it: 25 minutes.
  • Time to have the result: Instant result.
  • Cost: Membership Fee £20 (vary from country to country).
  • Our Rating: ⭐️4.9/5.
  • Go to: Mensa IQ Challenge.

Who built it?

Mensa was built by a scientist and a lawyer back in 1946. You can see that from the year, the organization is pretty experienced in the field of intelligence assessment.

Even though I disagree with some of what this organization stands for. I still believe that they offer an incredible Free IQ challenge.

Objective view.

The Test has 35 questions, and you need to finish them within 20 mins. Meaning you have less than 1 min per question to decide the right answer.

iq test free challenge by Mensa - question

It is hard to complete the test in that timeframe based on my experience. However, the result is professionally presented, but just like IBM, you can’t have a certificate.

The three main reasons to take on this challenge are entertainment, testing your intelligence, or preparing for their real IQ test to see where you can land.

Our Experience.

After taking the Mensa free IQ challenge twice. I scored 88 the first time because I didn’t pay attention to how many questions there are. Then, 105 with 15 deviations which means an IQ between 90 to 120.

iq test free challenge by Mensa - iq score

That was surprising. The IBM demo showed a score that fit within this range too. I like the fact that it doesn’t require registration plus Ad-free.

IQ test #3: (Best to test your potential)

best free IQ test site 3 - Overview:

  • Number of Questions: 8 to 10 questions.
  • Who is it for? 16 and older.
  • Time required to finish it: No countdown.
  • Time to have the result: instant Result.
  • Cost: Free and Paid Version ($8.99).
  • Our Rating: ⭐️4/5.
  • Go to: IQ Test

Who built it?

It has a reputable person behind the site, it claims that Edwin Van Thiel is one of the brains behind the 123test company. He is also the head of the research staff and has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and Psychometrics.

The currently ranks number one in my area Atlanta, United States. Overall, I can say that even though it’s not completely free, the test is worth taking.

Objective view.

8 to 10 questions between cultural and classic. But the interface is pretty outdated, any person could see that—when they compared it to similar intelligence test tools.

online free iq test by - questions example

Unfortunately, this test doesn’t give you an exact number for your IQ score. Also, not completely free. However, it will give you a range—as an estimation of your IQ level.

Our Experience.

This test contains more unique questions compared to the other ones. After going through the 8 questions, I got an IQ score range between 127 to 143.

online free iq test by - iq test result

The hardest part of the test is how the questions are structured. It reminds me of test questions in school—a very outdated interface.

I will only recommend this one for practice and leveling up your cognitive skills.

IQ test #4: (Great to improve your speed and accuracy)

best free IQ test site 4 - IQ Test Overview:

  • Number of Questions: 50 Questions.
  • Who is it for? All Ages.
  • Time required to finish it: depends on the question and your speed thinking.
  • Time to have the result: Instant Results.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Our Rating: ⭐️4.2/5.
  • Go to: IQ Test

Who built it?

MentalUP is a UK-based company. From its profile in the UK company’s house, it is owned by foreign and domestic investors.

The website hosts many different tests that measure Intelligence; from children to adults—brain games.

It is not clear who owns the company and what credentials they have. But on the platform, the site claims to be a “Pedagogical Product certified and award-winning education platform”

Objective view.

A suitable assessment and brain game for both kids and grownups. The problem is you don’t get a clear estimate or result of your total IQ level after the free practice/test.

Also, the time makes it harder to process and evaluate the answer, especially, if you take their free logic test—in the MentalUP free IQ test.

brain games - iq test score - iq test free with instant result by

Our Experience.

My first impression when taking this test was a bit disappointed in the early questions. But after that, I was impressed. Why? Because it is such an enjoyable experience and doesn’t make my head hurt.

However, there were some downsides—like giving you a short time to answer, plus a few questions. Even though the site claims it’s an “IQ test,” at the end of the challenge you don’t get a summary result. Instead, you get the result for different fields like Logic and Visual. I recommend this test for Kids and adults.

5 Good Online Practice sites for real IQ tests (extra-trainings):

Name of the TestBest FeatureBiggest DownsideOur rating
Test-guide.comBest for practicing (30 questions)Too many ads.⭐️3.5/5
Brainmetrix.comBest for developing your Logic and math skillsBoring interface with ads all over the site.⭐️3.3/5
Funeducation.comGood long test with +40 questions that differ from other free exams.Require registration.⭐️3.2/5
IQtest.comA lot of writing and less visual, but a very good choice for testing your cognitive skills.The result will be sent in your email and the presentation of the question is outdated.⭐️3/5
Free-IQTest.netIt is built for practice, not testing your IQ.It has too many ads and offers the same questions.⭐️2.5/5 - iq test free

I can only complain about one thing after going through this online practice IQ test. It is ads.

The ads on this site are pretty annoying. That’s why I didn’t rank it in the top no-fee IQ tests.

In short, I only recommend taking this test if you want to practice.

The results are not that accurate, and the show of ads in this kind of test, with the format of how the exam is presented; I can say that anyone could do the same thing and claim it is a free legit IQ level test. - online free iq test

I didn’t even try looking further. The questions are fixed with annoying ads.

But, the thing that I can give the site credit for—despite the outdated presentation of the questions—is it has a lot of number-related questions.

If your goal is to check more IQ questions, then is worth checking out.

  • Our Rating: ⭐️3.3/5.
  • Closed: (This test is not available) - iq test

This organization is pretty old and has been in business for a lot of years. The only two things that kept this site from ranking in our top free certified IQ tests are; account registration and Ads. - free test of intelligent

It provides a boring interface with poor IQ score result presentation. When I completed this test, the site didn’t give me an immediate result—instead, it asks for my email address.

The site features a couple of high-IQ people and some history of intellectual development. But It is hard to know who is behind this test.

I scored a 104 on this test—the experience was not good. is only suitable for training before a real IQ test. Though, the other options are better. - iq challenge questions

Previously, I rated this one as the fifth-best free easy IQ test. Unfortunately, I have found that the test is bad—repeated questions—and loaded with ads.

For instance, I took the test for the first time—I scored 104. Later on, I took the same test, just to find out—it has the same questions with some ads on it. Either way, I scored 145. I recommend this one for the first time or training. Otherwise, you’ll be going through the same challenge again and again.

Best Certified & Paid IQ assessments:

Name of the TestBest FeatureBiggest DownsideOur rating
Test-IQ.orgQuick 20 questions and certified by a well-known industry leader.It is a Short test compared to the others.⭐️4.5/5
US.Mensa.orgAccurate and Available Internationally.You pay more than other options if you only after the IQ test.⭐️4.9/5

This is the premium version of the BMI IQ test Demo. I ranked their free test as the best one on this list.

But not totally, because it has some downsides and I believe that the true winner is the Mensa IQ challenge.

paid online iq tests with certificate by BMI

Anyway, the paid IQ test of the brain metrics initiative is a series of 20 questions—and you must complete it in 20 minutes.

But don’t worry. If you believe that you are unsatisfied with the results, you can just not pay for the results.

When I took this test, it showed me that I have done a better job than 94% of the people in pattern recognition-related questions. So, in the end, you can estimate what kind of score you’ll have.

Incidentally, when I was investigating the credibility of this site, I found that a big podcast host, influencer, and Comedian of Stand-up comedy have taken the test. And shared it on social media.

Yes, Joe Rogan, and he scored 127.

I didn’t personally take the paid Mensa IQ test. But, I did go through their Free IQ challenge.

the thing is: Mensa is more than just an IQ challenge. It is an exam to see if you are fit to join the “high-IQ” community or not.

paid iq test - mensa membership fees - MENSA MEMBERSHIP - mensa organizations
Note: You’ll have to pass a paid version of the Mensa IQ Test, then score above 130, to join Mensa.Org as a member.

Personally, I have no desire of joining. Thus, I didn’t pay for the premium version.

By the way, Mensa is an international organization. Check their “sites by country” page to get in touch with the ambassadors in your country.

Next is a video that I found. It should help you get a clear idea about how to solve most of the IQ challenge questions—by Tibees.

Also, these are paid IQ tests. but I find it difficult to see if they are legit or not:


How taking IQ Tests from credible sources can help you as a student?

In 2016, the American Psychological Association reported that the average IQ of a college freshman is 116.

The science magazine also shared an interesting finding. It stated that Kids with a higher IQ score will do better academically, economically, and physically (health).

Some organizations include IQ test questions in their entrance exam like Mensa (requires a +130 IQ score).

How can the IQ tests and scores help a student

Many universities these days consider IQs in their entrance exams as a good factor to measure how motivated a person is for academic life.

Moreover, the fact that you developed your cognitive abilities and have a high intellect score will increase your confidence and motivate you to study—also raising your chances to succeed in school.

Not to mention that problem-solving skills are in high demand these days, especially in tech companies.

Taking IQ tests helps you keep track of your training progress, as well as opening opportunity doors for you—like access to groups of highly intelligent individuals like Mensa.

However, a High IQ doesn’t guarantee a successful academic journey or high-income jobs.

As a matter of fact, Students with a high IQ than average (roughly 105) who have gone to college have only a 50-50 chance of getting a B.A.—according to a research study on, from Intelligence and College by Charles Murray, the Counselor’s Conundrum chapter.

How taking IQ Tests as a Job-seeker can help you?

Whether you are a student, graduated, or looking for a job: an IQ test can help you learn and increase your cognitive ability or as an add-on to your resume or proof of your intellect (If you got a high score than the average person).

HOW CAN THE IQ TEST help a person get a better job

Recently, tech giants are occasionally hiring more young people with no college degree.

When you look at their pre-employment exams, you can tell they contain IQ test-related questions.

Google is a perfect example of why developing your cognitive skills is important. In recent years, the percentage of employees with no college degree has jumped to 16% (as of 2020, google has +100,000 employees), According to LATIMES.

How you can increase your IQ score?

There are a couple of things you could do in your spare time to increase your cognitive skills instead of spending hours playing games or scrolling the feed of Tik Tok and other social media. These tips are suitable even for Kids. For instance:

  • Try playing Brain games (see MentalUP for reference). A game that I like to play—which helped me master the Pen tool in illustrator and photoshop is The Bézier Game.
  • Restrain yourself from using calculators in calculations.
  • Learn more about Problem-solving techniques and steps.
  • Eat Better food and try balancing your meal between Meat and veggies. And avoid eating junk food.
  • Exercise and work out daily if possible.
  • Follow a Sleeping schedule that gives your brain the necessary hours of deep sleep.
HOW TO increase your iq

My thought on IQ, AI, and robots:

In the past, I preferred to avoid using robots to do tasks that I didn’t learn yet—like simple calculations, research and writing.

Writing and researching require creativity. AI should not be doing creative work for you, especially if you are in your 20s.

Developing problem-solving skills and cognitive ability requires learning and practice.

You need to be able to do good research and write good articles First—before using AI tools.

These are some of the most well-known scientists, investors, actors, Geniuses, and business owners:

iq scores of popular figures like investors, inventors, physicists, and CEOs
NameIQ ScoreOccupation/Job
Albert Einstein160 EstimatedTheoretical physicist
Stephan Hawking160Theoretical physicist
Bill Gates160CEO/Tech Entrepreneur
Elon Musk140-155CEO/Tech Entrepreneur
Steve Jobs160CEO/Tech Entrepreneur
Zuckerberg152CEO/Tech Entrepreneur
Warren Buffett140-160Investor
Joe Rogan127 (BMI IQ Test)Business owner & Comedian
Seth Rogen130Actor
Nicole Kidman132Actress
Jordana Brewster120-130Actress
The Table presents IQ scores for some famous people.

Best Practices for an IQ Test—I recommend (for Kids)

You could improve a kid’s cognitive skills by giving him/her fun visual games. Among other things, like going to play outside and sports—which is according to Jordon Petersons: the best way to increase your intellect level.

If you’re looking for digital games that can help kids train their brains, you need to check out I tried their free practice IQ test exam—and I was impressed by how enjoyable it is.

Others, like BMI and Mensa, are a little bit advanced—in my opinion— for children. But, they should be fine for someone between 16 and 18.

However, I recommend, in general, looking for brain games. Especially for youngsters.

Average IQ scores by Age. (Case Study)

Average IQ Scores By Age

Based on data from Science Trends, they manage to get interesting data about the IQ level changes when you took age into account.

AgeIQ Score
16 – 17108
18 – 19105
20 – 2499
24 – 3497
35 – 44101
45 – 54106
55 – 64109
65 – 69114
70 – 74119
The table shows the Average IQ scores by Age.

I say: “it is more about the generations than the age of a person. Also, technological advancements have a lot to do with these findings. For instance, the availability of calculators and PCs made people use less and less brain power over the years—compared to how calculations and research were, back in the old days.”

In my opinion, age might have affected the stats to some degree, but not to this level.

These data were published in 2018, which means these are stats from the Generations of boomers, millennials, and Gen Z. The millennial generation has less IQ compared to Gen X. Meanwhile, the Boomers scored the highest IQ average beating all the other generations.


IQ tests are psychological questions that can sometimes determine your academic destination. Therefore, it is really important to keep checking how well you can do in tests like these. The way to do that is through a Practice IQ test.

But it can be expensive. Unless you used free options, then you paid for the premium ones for more accurate results.

To know more about Intelligent Quotient, check out the FAQ section, where we answer a bunch of popular questions.

Also, Share this Infographic with your friends or on your website, to let people know about this guide and help them test their cognitive ability for free:

Best Online IQ tests - Guide


Now to the most asked questions:

Is there a free IQ test online with a certificate?

Based on my research, there isn’t a single website that gives you a free certificate—with results that can be both accurate and reliable. I have checked many clean great-looking websites, but none of them have a free certificate. Sometimes they didn’t clarify whether it is free or not—then later on, after I spent 30 minutes, they say the result and the certificate isn’t free.

Is Mensa free test accurate?

Yes, Mensa is one of the most accurate and difficult IQ tests to pass (to the best of my knowledge). Their website provides a free challenge too. I have said before that it is the most reliable Free online test—and the most widely used by people.

I like it because it gives you an instant result exactly after you finished. Unfortunately, the real Mensa IQ test requires money (I think). It is best if you checked the Mensa embassy in your country directly.

How do I know my IQ level?

To accurately measure your IQ test, you’ll need to take professionally administered tests—which usually are not online. From the search that I have done, taking Mensa’s full IQ test will prove to be fruitful.

A normal IQ score, according to major health publications—including Healthline is 100. Most physicists and top company leaders have an IQ above 130, which is considered to be a superior level.

The said that the highest IQ ever recorded in history is for someone who attended Harvard at 11 years old and graduated at the age of 16. His name is William James Sidis. His IQ was estimated to be between 200 to 300—which made many psychologists consider him to be the most intelligent man in history.

What does it mean if your IQ is 108?

108 IQ result means that you rank above the average population. But, if it was 110, you’ll be considered to be higher than average. And anything between 120 and 129 (like 124 and 128) is considered to be superior.

Unfortunately, only a Few people have IQ scores above 130 (i.e. 132). At this level, you’ll be considered to have a very superior intellect, and that may open many doors of opportunities like joining Mensa.

What is the average IQ for a 13-year-old?

An experiment was conducted in 2004, funded by Wellcome Trust Centre, to study the Verbal and nonverbal intelligence changes in the teenage brain. They found that the IQ score of 33 participants aged between 12 to 16 have an average full-scale IQ of 112.

But it also has been claimed that the average IQ for all ages is 100. So, I will say that if the kid is aged between 12 to 16 years old and scores between 100 to 112, that will mean he/she has an average to above average result.

Note: Just remember that IQ tests are just psychological questions, and your IQ score could change with practice or age. Just follow a healthy diet, and train your brain using intellectual games, and you’ll increase that result.