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Elias Valcan (aka Ilyas Belahbib) Creator of Inoyva.com and Owner of THYACORE LTD.
Elias Valcan

I’m the Author of INOYVA.COM.

My mission is to help students and Graduates, Home-based business owners, and people who want to work remotely—find helpful tools, software, and resources to help them research and learn.

Email: Elias@inoyva.com

This is Elias Valcan, aka Ilyas Belahbib. Since my real birthname was a mouthful to say or remember—I decided to change it. So, you can call me Elias—and to differentiate me from others—use Valcan. It’s like a pen Name.

I’m a former University student, the Business owner of THYACORE LTD, and an online content writer. I’m always looking for new resources and websites that can make learning and research easier.

But I couldn’t have a satisfying result unless I went down the rabbit hole of the internet. Sometimes I spend hours just searching for a website or software that could do the job properly.

So, after launching my business in the UK two years ago, I decided to help students and those who are looking to work from home find the ideal Apps, Software, Tips, Tools, and Websites that could solve a problem or help them in their learning Journey and make their research less stressful.

Elias Valcan (aka Ilyas Belahbib) Owner of Thyacore LTD.
About Me

My Background and What I do.

Since I run a Home based business and was a good student in Highschool and University, I decided to start a website called Inoyva (short for Innovation and value).

Join me on this exciting journey and discover the secrets to unlocking your true potential, as we conquer the digital world together!

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